When we pick up a camera, our goal is to make an art of memory preservation. During the events that you’ll forever carry to your future, we provide a doorway into those joyous memories, accessible from here on out. We have cultivated an instinct for creating salient images. We will use this instinct to retrieve those fleeting moments of happiness on your most important days and make them permanent.



experience, captured.


When you purchase our services, you are commissioning us to document the seeds of memory through which you grow. We provide each of the following services as a supplement to your experience.


Whether this is your first time in front of a camera or your millionth, we offer our you a chance to grow familiar with the process. We use this time to learn about who you are, what you love, and how to express you, all in a picture.

Inspiration often finds us in the quiet places, when we reflect on the people at the heart of the centuries of traditions and ceremony. We produce artfully composed heart-warming photos while keeping the experience of your moment fun, light, and memorable.


Many of our brides wish to continue the Interstellar experience as they begin their new families, and we love nothing more than to oblige them. We offer maternity and family portrait sessions for those who wish to document their happily ever after.

Coming-of-age in any culture is an accomplishment that should be approached with sensitivity, knowledge and creativity. We are honored to be a part of bringing new people into our society by capturing tradition a modern view.


it takes a village

Our dedicated photographers and staff have created this studio after years of practicing our craft and every day of that experience will show in the work we present to you. We hope you will allow us the honor of capturing your love at the moment which binds the life you've had, and the life to follow. We are based in Southern California, but I'll travel anywhere your heart takes you.


do it for the gram