Interstellar Image began with a passion for photography and the desire to create something new. It’s 2019, the way we live has changed and the way we capture it should too.


When we pick up a camera, our goal is to make an art of memory preservation. During the events that you’ll forever carry to your future, we provide a doorway into those joyous memories, accessible from here on out. We have cultivated an instinct for creating salient images. We will use this instinct to retrieve those fleeting moments of happiness on your most important days and make them permanent.



Our dedicated photographers have created this studio after years of practicing our craft and every day of that experience will show in the work we present to you. We hope you will allow us the honor of capturing your love at the moment which binds the life you've had, and the life to follow. We are based in Southern California, but will travel anywhere your heart takes you.

Generally speaking, a star is as good as his* last few pictures.
— James Quirk, Photoplay Magazine (c) 1924




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