Welcome Dinner in Luxor, Egypt

Egypt had always been a mystical, ancient place that existed in a history book, numerous conspiracy related documentaries on YouTube and the inspiration for Luxor*, a 3-star hotel on the Las Vegas strip with a huge light beam coming out of it. I had arrived for what would be the most inspiring challenge to date and the best falafel in Egypt.

The Cosmos Gathering is a workshop hosted by Lelia Scarfiotti and her guest Jose Villa who were both named top wedding photographers by Harpers Bazaar. Lelia’s vision truly resonated with me and I could not have asked for a more wonderful experience. Her team had planned a several, avant garde wedding shoots that pushed the concept a of wedding as an art installation.

Alessandra, the Art Director and resident goddess at Fluida Design created works that truly fit within the culture and environment where it belonged. She had tapped into a source of creativity, then expressed the soul of the location through her design. The tablescape for the Welcome dinner at the Al Moudira Resort had textiles + stoneware created by local craftspeople and small pots of spices and herbs for texture.

We were supposed to mingle, but, in an attempt to preserve this memory, took far more images than anticipated. I also allowed my food to get cold because I really wanted a slow exposure of everyone eating with a fairly clean table, but dont worry, I polished off a bottle of red and the falafel was out of this world

Cosmos Gathering

Hosts | Lelia Scarfiotti // Jose Villa

Art Direction & Styling | Fluida Design

Marketing | Flothemes

Coordination | Avenue Cipresso // Nataly Montanari

Venues | Moudira Hotel

Bridal wear | L’eto Bridal // Fleetwood of London // What is Worthy

Veils | Daphne Newman Design

Accessories | Border Couture // Lovely Elysian

Jewelry | Soru Jewellery

Hair & Makeup | Sophie Higginson

Models | @itsgeorgiasumner // @camelicked

*Sadly, I was 26 years old in 2019 when I realized that the pyramids are actually in Cairo and Luxor is a small town that is 45min away by plane is home to the Habu Temple. This leads me to ask, why is the pyramid in Las Vegas with the beam of light called Luxor? Is it because it starts with “Lux“? Also, if its a pyramid, shouldn’t it be called Cairo, or at the very least Giza. FUN FACT: I have actually stayed at this damp 3-star hotel and went to the Bodies exhibit, highly recommended.