Should you book wedding photography and video as a package?

Ever since you thought the word “wedding“ near Alexa, the algorithm has probably placed ads for discounted wedding photo and video packages in every available corner of the screen. I see them too, the price tag is tempting for any bride that wants to cherish the best day of their life, it is understandable. If budget is your priority, then book the low-cost option. If you are the type of person who would hang your wedding photos in a future home, then consider the quality of the photographers offered by the video team.

Generally, your wedding photography and video team have an unspoken agreement to work alongside each other in a professional way. It is customary for them to exchange info or speak prior to your event so that they can merge a creative vision. I am biased toward hiring your photographer and videographer from separate companies because I believe that most companies are better at one than the other. It takes two brains to direct a photo or video and when it is the same person, one of the mediums suffer. While there are plenty of reasons to hire photo+video from the same company, it really comes down to which do you value more, cost or creativity?